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Hardwood Floors

Homeowner Use and Maintenance Guidelines

In the daily care of hardwood floors, preventive maintenance is the primary goal.



Sweep daily or as needed. Never wet-mop a hardwood floor. Excessive water causes wood to expand and can damage the floor. When polyurethane finishes become soiled, damp-mop with a mixture of 1 cup vinegar to one gallon of warm water. When damp-mopping, remove all excess water from the mop. Check with the hardwood company if your floor has a water-based finish.



Placing heavy furniture or dropping heavy or sharp objects on hardwood floors can result in dimples.


Filmy Appearance

A white, filmy appearance can result from moisture, often from wet shoes or boots.


Furniture Legs

Install proper floor protectors on furniture placed on hardwood floors. Protectors will allow chairs to move easily over the floor without scuffing. Regularly clean the protectors to remove any grit that may have accumulated.



Wood floors respond noticeably to changes in humidity in your home. Especially during the winter months, the individual planks or pieces expand and contract as water content changes. A humidifier helps but does not eliminate this reaction.


Mats and Area Rugs

Use protective mats at the exterior doors to help prevent sand and grit from getting on the floor. Gritty sand is wood flooring's worst enemy. However, rubber backing on area rugs or mats can cause yellowing and warping of the floor surface.



If your floors have a polyurethane finish, you may want to have an extra coat of polyurethane applied by a qualified contractor within six months to one year. The exact timing will depend on your particular lifestyle. If another finish was used, refer to the manufacturer's recommendations.



Expect some shrinkage around heat vents or any heat-producing appliances or during seasonal weather changes.


See also Warping.



Keep high heels in good repair. Heels that have lost their protective cap (thus exposing the fastening nail) will exert over 8,000 pounds of pressure per square inch on the floor. That's enough to damage hardened concrete; it will mark your wood floor.



Clean up food spills immediately with a dry cloth. Use a vinegar-and-warm-water solution for tough food spills.



When floors are new, small splinters of wood can appear.


Sun Exposure

Exposure to direct sunlight can cause irreparable damage to hardwood floors. To preserve the beauty of your hardwood floors, install and use window coverings in these areas.


Traffic Paths

A dulling of the finish in heavy traffic areas is likely.



Warping will occur if the floor repeatedly becomes wet or is thoroughly soaked even once. Slight warping in the area of heat vents or heat-producing appliances is also typical.


Waxing and the use of products like oil soap are neither necessary nor recommended. Recoating is difficult once you wax a polyurethane finish floor because the new finish will not bond to the wax. The preferred maintenance is preventive cleaning and recoating annually or as needed to maintain the desired luster.


Lucullan Limited Warranty Guidelines

During the orientation, we will confirm that hardwood floors are in acceptable condition. We will correct any readily noticeable cosmetic defects listed during the orientation. You are responsible for routine maintenance of hardwood floors.



Shrinkage will result in separations between the members of hardwood floors. If these exceed 1/8 inch, Lucullan will fill them one time. Lucullan is not responsible for removing excess filler that appears on the surface if the boards expand due to subsequent changes in humidity and expel the filler.