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Our Services

We provide industry-recognized services related to residential construction and renovation. Click each service below to see the details.

New Home Construction

Looking to have your forever home made and you don't know where to start?


Turn that problem area into your favorite spot!


Let us help you add sq ft to your home, or put in a laneway or coach home.

Outdoor Living

Increase the livable sq footage of your home, by converting plain outdoor space into your own outdoor oasis!

Investment Properties

Bought a wide lot and want to subdivide it and sell it as two units or create a duplex? We can help.


Look no further, whether for insurance purposes, determine energy loss areas, or finding out the truth about your home.

How we work

Most home buyers have many questions about the construction of their home: How long will it take to build? How much will it cost? When do we have to make decisions about cabinets, fixtures, flooring, and so on? When can we visit the site and see our home in progress?


Goals and Financial Capability

As future homeowners, you need to decide what is the goal of this home. Are you just trying to design a starter home to get into the homeownership game? Is this your forever home for you and future generations of your family? Or is this going to be an investment property to rent out?

Having that open conversation with your bank will allow you to have an initial financial picture to see what kind of financing you can arrange. A custom home or renovation should be a cost-effective method to get a home suitable to your needs. Still, expenses can quickly escalate and get out of hand. You want to make sure your living within your means to enjoy your home and make it a stress-free endeavor.




Foundation / Structural




Interior and Exterior Work



And that's it - you're finished!



New Home Construction

With the expertise of our skilled and client-friendly staff, Lucullan delivers you the luxury home you always wanted. We will help you achieve this through our client-friendly designed process of housebuilding that simplifies every step from the start until every aspect of your dream house is complete. Aside from constructing custom single-family homes, we at Lucullan offer a select number of spec designed houses for those who want a deluxe residence with all the choices already made.


You're spending a lot of time at home, so make your stay worthwhile. Turn every corner of your home as fabulous as you can. Whether you like that problem area to function as a retro-inspired lounge or your dull kitchen and dining room to give your family a mini five-star Michelin eating experience, Lucullan's ready to turn that desire into reality! With Lucullan's set of carefully planned home renovation ideas, unique and efficient home construction methods, along all your desired reno goals in mind, your next home renovation experience will be unlike any other!


If you are looking to extend your home's functionalities by adding another sq ft to your home or putting in a laneway home, garage, or shed, Lucullan can also help you get started. If you find any of these ideas viable and exciting, don't hesitate to contact us.

Outdoor Living

There will be days when all you want to do is stay outdoors for some fresh air while listening to the sound of birds chirping or the wind whistling through the trees, or invite a friend over for a long-awaited chat. But is your outdoor space ready for such moods? Make your outdoor space function how you want it to be.

Investment Properties

The national average appreciation rate for Canadian Housing Market is over 6% these last 15-years. The tremendous growth of real estate's value usually drives most of us to invest our money in such assets. However, if you have invested in the wrong home builder or low-quality real estate properties, you may suffer from incurring loss instead of enjoying a considerable amount of ROIs. Thus, it is crucial to select the right construction professional who can choose economical options for you without sacrificing standards and risking issues in the future.


Get to the bottom of your home issues. We have specialized tools, such as an infra-red camera, to inspect for and look into damages from unknown sources. We take a holistic approach as a general contractor compared to a specialized trade such as a plumber or roofer. While those other professionals will look into their single aspect, they will leave you with a mess associated with stuff that isn't their problem. With us, your issue becomes our responsibility to both inspect and repair until your are satisfied.