Residential Construction



Safe means a comfortable and healthy home. It’s warm in winter, cool in summer, and free of drafts. The home has great ventilation and excellent air quality; it’s never too humid or dry. The people living there can use a programmable thermostat to manage heating and cooling at night and when they’re away. A better furnace filtration system keeps the air cleaner. Integrating a rough-in radon system to dissipate radiation if found. The decreased use of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and other toxic chemicals within the home’s paints and finishes removes the harmful effects of long-time exposure.




An eco-friendly, or green, home is a house that has been built or designed using environmentally friendly materials and appliances. Ultimately, we are trying to reduce the strain that we put on the environment. One example is reusing materials. Engineer materials use smaller pieces of wood from scraps or smaller trees, instead of large old-growth trees. Carpet made from recycled corn husk. Trim made from recycled wood byproducts. Appliances made from recycled metal. There are also decisions in the way a home is built, including using advancing framing to reduce the amount of lumber. Both materials and the design produce an environmentally friendly house at the time of creation.




We like to make a difference between building an Environmentally Friendly home and for homeowners to live in a Resource-Efficient home. Resources are the inputs you put in your home to live in it. Mostly that means electricity, water, and gas. Resource-efficient means a home that takes fewer resources to operate. It could mean your roof is covered with solar panels, but more likely it is due to the choices we made while constructing the home. Choosing insulation that offers a larger insulation value to reduce heat loss will reduce the amount of energy to heat your home. From low-flow water fixtures and LED bulbs to installing large windows to let more natural light and heat in. Resource-Efficient also means money savings.

General Contracting

Lucullan is dedicated to providing exceptional general contracting services. Our experienced team reviews the plans and specifications for each project and creates a detailed construction plan to be executed by a cohesive construction team of skilled subcontractors and suppliers. We challenge our construction teams to achieve their best work on every project. Our hands-on approach to tracking and managing our teams means that we will complete your project on time, on budget, and safely.

Project Consulting

We offer our assistance to home builders, contractors, investors, and individuals who are in need of assistance with their construction projects. Often times you may hit a bump during the operations of your project or business and you’ll need outside guidance. We offer a variety of 3rd party consulting solutions based on experience:

  • handling trade contractor issues
  • project budgeting, scheduling, and scope
  • dealing with the city in the case of bylaw infractions
  • construction operation improvements
  • blower door testing
  • infrared testing
  • interpreting building code
  • building science questions
  • project feasibility and ROI
  • utilizing technology within your company
  • marketing in today’s environment

Joint Ventures

We have consistently delivered successful projects by partnering with investors, builders, and landowners and marketing them to the public. There are several projects we have executed:

  • Constructing multiple units then offering a rent to own program incentive.
  • Taking a single large parcel of land and subdividing it to 33 lot parcel for resale.
  • Providing investors with second mortgages to expand their property management portfolios.
  • General contracting and marketing for another builder while they entered into retirement.
  • Creating a new construction company to grow in a new territory.

Joint ventures options are endless and are completely open for discussion.