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Peaceful surroundings, Endless outdoor adventures, infinite indoor activities, and more. Coquitlam is definitely one of the best places to stay for good.

Are you in need of an expert builder of custom homes and renovations in Coquitlam? If so, the team from Lucullan is here for you!

About Coquitlam

Coquitlam is situated in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Among the 21 municipalities that comprise Metro Vancouver, Coquitlam ranks sixth of the largest city in the province. The city's population has an increasing growth rate of 2% per year, which could be attributed to the residents' good feedback about Coquitlam. In the 2017 Citizen Satisfaction Survey, 98% of its residents said that they have a good quality of life and 86% of residents say they get good value for tax dollars. Coquitlam is also part of the top 5 biggest cities for ease of opening a small business based on access to information, quality of information, and regulatory framework according to the survey held by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) 2018.

Most residents work/operate in the following industries:

  • Retail Trade
  • Professional
  • Scientific and technical services
  • Health Care and Social Services
  • Construction, Accommodation
  • Food Services

Coquitlam is a perfect place where urban lifestyle meets rural. The city is home to IKEA, top-notch shopping centers, theme parks, and amazing landscapes for those who want a laid-back West Coast lifestyle.

Good governance, business freedom, economic development, and a lifestyle that perfectly suits anyone definitely make Coquitlam an ideal place for your new home with your loved ones.

Our Services

Coquitlam Home Builder and Renovator

To ensure that you have access to the leading home design and build specialist in Coquitlam. We are proud to offer a full scope of services for your new home build needs. Whether you wish to have your finished design be made a reality or require professional assistance from concept to completion, our skilled and experienced team of project managers and home builders are here for you. Above all, we enjoy working on signature projects each time.

Also, we specialize in custom, transitional style home design. Transitional home design is a marriage of traditional and contemporary finishes, methods, and materials to create a classic, timeless design. Most noteworthy is that this design lasts longer than a yearly trend or fad. It is a way to increase your property’s value in an aesthetic yet practical manner.

A new home warranty covers all of our completed projects. We are so confident in the quality of our work that we guarantee flawless results every time. Furthermore, we strongly believe in the importance of protecting you and your family from any unexpected circumstances beyond our control. Another bonus is that you can check online for our homeowner’s manual for guidance.

To learn more about our unique services for custom homes in Coquitlam, please do not hesitate to call us at 888-753-5162 or email us at Lucullan today!