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Abbottswood Drive

A custom home rebuild perfect for family living and design choices to suit their needs.

Project Description

    Building Type

    Single Family Home





    Floor Area of Home

    2859 sq ft

    The homeowner had two active kids and was extremely eager to move in, even before they had their dining table ready, they had settled in. With some aesthetic touches like the barn doors, golden sparkle on the quartz countertops, and custom lighting in each room, this place was their home. This was a very challenging rebuild that was located right beside a high-pressure gas line right of way. Not only did we have to work around this, but the utility was installed into the owner's property beyond the designated setback. We had to use a series of piling systems to ensure the home's foundation was on stable footings. On our end, we just make sure everything is done properly. From items like ensuring the tile is installed flat, to a high-efficiency furnace and on-demand hot water, Lucullan works with you to create the home of your dreams.

    upstairs laundry

    walk in-closets

    corner lot-design

    front porch

    covered deck