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Homeowner Orientation

Reminders and best practices before attending a homeowner orientation.

Your homeowner orientation is an introduction to your new home and its many features. We follow a preplanned agenda and a set route through the home to ensure that we cover everything. Our homeowner orientation provides you with a

  • Demonstration of your new home.
  • A final walk-through inspection of the property with a description and/or demonstration of all the system equipment and operating procedures.
  • Review of key points about maintenance and limited warranty coverage.
  • Confirmation that Lucullan Properties installed selections and options as you ordered them.
  • Schedule
    Lucullan sets an orientation appointment 9:00AM to 5:00PM; the meeting takes approximately 2 hours.
  • Last-Minute Activity
    Many items are fine-tuned in the last few days before delivery.
  • Preparation
    Hints on how to get the most from your orientation.
  • Completion of Items
    Many items will be completed before your move-in, and any remaining work will be performed by appointment.
  • Orientation Form
    Copies of the orientation form for your review; in particular, note the information regarding cosmetic surfaces on the first note on this set of forms.


We schedule the orientation with you as your home nears completion, typically several days before your closing. Appointments are available 9:00AM to 5:00PM. Especially in winter months, beginning by 3:00 P.M. assures sufficient daylight to view all surfaces adequately. We meet at your new home. Expect your orientation to take approximately 2 hours.

Last-Minute Activity

If you visit your home a day or two before orientation, you may notice dozens of details that need attention. Many tradespeople and Lucullan employees will be working in your home during the last few days just before your orientation appointment. They are completing last-minute adjustments and fine-tuning your home. These finishing touches cannot be performed until all of the parts have been installed. What seems like a rush of activity is a normal part of the construction process.

At Lucullan, we perform a final Company Walk-Through Inspection days before your orientation to find and fix any issues that may arise. We also check that each of the finishing specifications is verified, and any errors found are corrected immediately. All requirements, as shown on the plans and specifications, are checked for compliance and correctness.

During construction, our main focus is on reviewing sub-trades work for the sole purpose of knowing whether or not their work is complete before paying them. Sometimes the job site is messy or hectic, and small problems can be overlooked. As the project comes closer to turnover, we switch our perspective to looking from your standpoint and identifying potential issues before our orientation.


Following these hints will ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your orientation.

Allow Enough Time

Arrange your schedule so you can use the full amount of time allotted.

Bring This Manual

By having this manual with your selection sheets and any approved change orders with you, any questions about the items installed in your home can usually be answered conveniently and immediately.

Attend Alone

Our experience shows that the orientation is most beneficial when buyers focus on their new home and the information we present. Although we appreciate that friends and relatives are eager to see your new home, it would be best if they visit after your orientation. Similarly, we suggest that, if possible, children and pets not accompany you at this time. If a real estate agent has helped you with your purchase, they are not required to attend. The focus is on understanding how the home will function and what you need to do to maintain it in peak condition.

Review Orientation Forms

We have included copies of our orientation forms at the end of this section. We note details that need attention on the orientation forms.

Cosmetic Surfaces

Cosmetic surface damage caused during construction is readily noticeable during the orientation. Such damage can also occur during the move-in process or through daily activities. Therefore, during the orientation, we will confirm that all surfaces are in good and acceptable condition. Any details that need attention will be listed on your orientation forms. After we correct any items noted during the orientation, repair of cosmetic surface damage is your responsibility. Additional details appear on the orientation forms.

Our limited warranty specifically excludes repairs for damage caused by moving in or living in the home. If your movers scratch the marble entry floor bringing the piano in, notify the moving company. If you splinter some wood trim and break a taillight backing out of your new garage, repairs to the garage and the car are your responsibility. Lucullan is always available to assist you with information about cosmetic repairs you may need to make.

Bring Questions

If you have not already done so, please read the maintenance information, limited warranty, and warranty guidelines in this manual's Caring for Your Home Section. If you have questions, make a note of them to bring up at the orientation.


Wear shoes that are convenient to get off and on. We will tour both the exterior and interior of your home. Anticipate that some dust, bending, kneeling, and reaching may be encountered.

Get Involved

Plan to listen carefully and take a hands-on approach. Push buttons, lock locks, and flip breakers. This helps you remember the dozens of details we cover.


The overall quality of your home is equal to what is shown in our models and described in your purchase documents. Lucullan will list items that we agree need further attention and will set a schedule for appropriate work. Warranty items are grouped into several categories, namely:

  • Incomplete or missing (Cabinet knob not installed.)
  • Incorrect (Porchlight should be polished brass, not antique.)
  • Dysfunctional (Bath fan does not come on.)
  • Below company standard (Mitered corner rough, top right of den door, hallway side.)
  • Damaged (Scrape on the wall from carpet installation.)
  • Uncleaned (Mud on the garage floor.)

At some point, quality ceases to be scientific and becomes a matter of personal taste. In a few areas, your personal standards may be even higher than ours. Our commitment to you is that we will deliver what we promised. If you wish to make it even better after moving in, we will be happy to assist you with the information.

Completion of Items

Lucullan takes responsibility for resolving any items noted. We will complete most items before your move-in. If work needs to be performed in your new home after moving in, construction personnel are available for appointments 9:00AM to 5:00PM.

Under normal circumstances, you can expect us to resolve all items within 15 working days. We will inform you of any delays caused by back-ordered materials. Please note that we will correct only those items listed. No verbal commitments of any kind will be honored by Lucullan.

Gaining access to occupied homes to complete orientation items is a concern to homeowners and builders alike. Lucullan asks that you make appointments so that someone over 18 is present for repairs. Working around your busy schedule may result in service taking longer than anyone wants. Your cooperation is essential. Service hours are 9:00AM to 5:00PM.

We will confirm that any items listed during your orientation have been resolved to meet our standards and policies. To be doubly certain of this, we mail you a written form for feedback.