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Water Heater: Electric

Maintenance and Warranty Guidelines about Electric Water Heater

Homeowner Care and Maintenance

Carefully read the manufacturer's literature and warranty for your specific model of the water heater.


Drain Tank

Review and follow the manufacturer's timetable and instructions for draining several gallons of water from the bottom of the water heater. This reduces the build-up of chemical deposits from the water, thereby prolonging the tank's life and saving energy dollars. Also, drain the tank if it is being shut down during periods of freezing temperatures. Carefully follow the instructions in the manufacturer's literature.


Element Cleaning or Replacement

The heating elements in the water heater will require periodic cleaning. The frequency is determined in part by the quality of the water in your area. Again, refer to the manufacturer’s literature for step-by-step instructions and drawings, or contact an authorized service company.


Pressure Relief Valve

At least once each year, manually operate the pressure relief valve. Stay clear of the discharge line to avoid injury. See manufacturer's literature for diagrams and detailed instructions.



Keep the area around a water heater clear of stored household items. Never use the top of the water heater as a storage shelf.



Temperature settings on an electric water heater will produce approximately the temperatures listed below:

Hot              120 degrees F

A                 130 degrees F

B                 140 degrees F

C                 150 degrees F

Very Hot     160 degrees F

The recommended setting for the operation of a dishwasher is B or 140 degrees. Higher settings can waste energy dollars and increase the danger of injury from scalding. Hot water will take longer to arrive at sinks, tubs, and showers that are farther from the water heater. 


 Before calling for service, check to confirm that

  • The water heater breaker on your main electric panel is in the on position. (Remember, if a breaker trips, you must turn it from the tripped position to the off position before you can turn it back on.)
  • The temperature setting is not on “vacation” or too low.
  • The water supply valve is open.

Refer to the manufacturer's literature for specific locations of these items and possibly other troubleshooting tips.

Even if the troubleshooting tips do not identify a solution, the information you gather will be useful to the service provider you call.


Lucullan Limited Warranty Guidelines

Refer to the manufacturer's limited warranty for complete information regarding warranty coverage on your water heater.