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Shower Doors or Tub Enclosures

Maintenance and Warranty Guidelines about Shower Doors or Tub Enclosures

Homeowner Use and Maintenance Guidelines

Shower doors and tub enclosures require minimal care. See tips below:

1. Use a squeegee to remove water after a bath or shower to keep mineral residue and soap film to a minimum. A wax coating can also help prevent the build-up of minerals and soap. Do this once or twice a week.

2. Use cleaning products suggested by the manufacturer to avoid any damage to the trim and hardware.

3. Avoid hanging wet towels on the corners of doors; the weight can pull the door out of alignment and cause it to leak.

4. Check and touch-up caulking on an as-needed basis.

5. Do not use paper towels or any abrasive tool to clean the surface.

Problems related to repair should always be addressed by a professional. You may contact us to help you get trusted service providers. 

Lucullan Limited Warranty Guidelines

During your orientation, we will confirm the excellent condition of all shower doors and tub enclosures. Lucullan warrants that shower doors and tub enclosures will function according to manufacturer specifications.

Types of Shower Enclosure 

  • Dual entrance

Another option for those who have a vast bathroom. A shower enclosure that has two passages.

  • Framed

Aesthetics over functionality. Showers that are known for being traditional and economical.

  • Frameless

Primarily used in contemporary bathrooms. Its shower door is finished with a single glass panel that's very easy to clean and maintain.

  • Glass block

Glass blocks surround the shower halfway, with the other half left open.

  • Hinged

Minimally styled for an open and airy feel. The door is held by hinged joints instead of pivoting pins, providing a much wider entrance space for those with accessibility needs.

  • Quadrant

Best for bathrooms with limited spaces like the ones from average-sized homes. Designed to fit right into the corner of your bathroom or en suite.

  • Rectangle

Best for those who have an expansive bathroom.

  • Square

Square showers are stylish, and they look modern.

  • Sliding

Best for bath space that doesn't have sufficient space for a swing door. They are customizable to any shower design.

  • Textured glass

Best for those who value privacy. Made out of Frosted glass, which makes the shower look bigger.

  • Tile and glass
  • Tub enclosure

Combination of tub and shower. Best for those who have a tiny bathroom.

  • Walk-in showers

Known as the best alternative for baths that lack space for a wet room.

  • Wet rooms

Shower rooms where cubicles do not have any enclosure at all.