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Homeowner Use and Maintenance Guidelines

Stained or wrought iron railings in your home require little maintenance beyond occasional dusting or polishing. Protect railings from sharp objects or moisture. Cover them during move-in so large pieces of furniture do not cause dents or scratches.

Stained railings will show variation in the way the wood grain took the stain. Some designs show seams where pieces of wood came together to form the railing.

Here are some other types of railings and the step by step ways to maintain them:

1. Wooden handrails

a. Get rid of any stains and dirt on all of the surfaces of the handrails. Use a microfibre cloth to wipe out the dirt.

b. Next, eliminate all the stubborn residues by spraying water and vinegar solution on the handrails' surface. The solution is safe for both finished and unfinished wooden surfaces.

2. Stainless Steel railings

a. Remove the dirt or dust.

b. Wipe the handrails using a microfibre cloth or soft scrubber soaked in water with mild detergent. Always use mild wash in cleaning your handrails. Avoid using harsh and rough products that cause scratches and stains on handrails, such as metallic scourers, abrasive powders, or brass and silver cleaners. Avoid using bleach or chlorine as well.

c. Rinse the surface of the handrails and dry them thoroughly. Forgetting to do so may lead to rust even on stainless steel handrails over time. To completely prevent rusting, use wax.

3. Glass railings

a. Wipe off the dust and dirt using a damp cloth soaked in water with mild detergent. Use distilled or filtered water to keep your glass railing safe because minerals in hard water can damage the glass surface.

b. Wipe the railings with a damp cloth to rinse. Using a squeegee could be useful too.

Problems related to repair should always be addressed by a professional. You may contact us to help you get trusted service providers. 

Lucullan Limited Warranty Guidelines

During the orientation, we will confirm that all railings are in good condition. Lucullan installs railings in positions and locations to comply with applicable building codes. Railings should remain securely attached with normal use.