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Maintenance and Warranty Guidelines about Hardware

Homeowner Use and Maintenance Guidelines

Doorknobs and locks should operate correctly with little attention. Over time, they may need slight adjustments due to the normal shrinkage of the framing. Occasionally, you may need to tighten screws or lubrication.

Here are some of the most common doorknob problems and how to repair them:

1. The lock is full of dirt or dry

Solution: Simply use a disinfecting spray or dust off dirt using recommended steel or iron cleaners from time to time.

2. The latch and strike plate are misaligned.

Solution: Measure the latch area and strike plate that are not aligned. If the latch is short by 1/8 inch or less, take out the strike plate from the door jamb and make the hole slightly larger using a file.

3. Frozen door lock during winter.


a. Use hand sanitizer or alcohol to unfroze your lock in an instant.

b. Keep your key warm by using a match or a lighter or by simply soaking your key into a cup of hot liquid upon inserting it into the lock in order to dissolve the ice inside.

c. If you have a hairdryer, maximize its use by applying it directly to the frozen lock for a few minutes to dissolve the ice inside it.

d. Coat your key with lubricants like oil, grease, or petroleum jelly before turning the key slowly into your frozen lock.

4. The doorknob is loose.

Solution: Identify the leading cause of the problem. It could be a broken screw or a malfunctioning lockset. If it is an unfastened or broken screw, simply tighten the hidden screws using the screwdriver.

5. The key was stuck in the lock.

Solution: Never force the key from side to side to avoid the risk of breaking it off inside the lock. Do this instead, turn the key back to its exact position, twist it slowly, and pull the key out if this doesn't spray lubricants like WD-40 inside the keyway to retrieve the stuck key.


Lucullan Limited Warranty Guidelines

We confirm that all hardware is in acceptable condition during orientation. The limited warranty excludes repairs for cosmetic damage after the orientation.

Lucullan will repair hardware items that do not function as intended.