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Gutters and Downspouts

Homeowner Use and Maintenance Guidelines

Check gutters periodically and remove leaves or other debris. Materials that accumulate in gutters can slow water drainage from the roof, cause overflows, and clog the downspouts.


Extensions or Splash blocks

Extensions should discharge outside of rock or bark beds so that water is not dammed behind the edging materials that might be used.



Use caution when leaning ladders against gutters, as this may cause dents.



If a joint between sections of gutter drips, caulk the inside joint using a commercial gutter caulking compound available at hardware stores.



Gutters and downspouts are painted to match your home. You should repaint them when you repaint your home.

Snow and Ice

Clear excess snow from downspouts as soon as possible to allow the gutter to drain and to prevent damage. Severe ice or snow build-up can damage gutters, which is not covered by the limited warranty.

See also Roof - Ice Dam.


Lucullan Limited Warranty Guidelines

Gutters over 3 feet long are installed with a slight slope so that roof water will flow to the downspouts.



We correct leaks that occur during the warranty period.



Gutters may overflow during the downpour of rain. This is expected and requires no repair.


Standing Water

Small amounts of water (up to one inch) will stand for short periods of time in gutters immediately after rain. No correction is required for these conditions.