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Homeowner Use and Maintenance Guidelines

Depending on the community in which your home is located, fencing may be included with your home, it may be an optional item, or it may be an item you consider adding after your move-in. When Lucullan installs fencing as part of your new home, we confirm its good condition during your orientation. All types of fencing require some routine attention.



In planning, installing, and maintaining fencing, allow existing drainage patterns to function unimpeded. When installing a fence, use caution in distributing soil removed to set posts to avoid blocking drainage swales. Plan enough space under the bottom of a wood fence for water to pass through.


Homeowner Association Design Review

If you choose to add fencing after moving into your new home, keep in mind the need to obtain approval from the Design Review Committee of your homeowners' association. The current design review guidelines describe specific requirements about style, height, and position on the lot, which you can obtain from a committee member. Special requirements apply to homes on corner lots where drivers must have adequate visibility. Additionally, in some communities, zoning laws may impact private fencing. Your responsibilities include checking on such details.

Lucullan recommends that you engage the services of professionals to install your fence. Be certain to inform a fence installer of all design review requirements.

See also Property Boundaries.



Height and location of Lucullan installed fences will vary with lot size, topography, and shape. Lucullan must meet the requirements of the Design Review process just as any homeowner would.


Wood Fences

The lumber used to construct wood fences is rough cedar. Over time it will crack, warp, and split. Unless extreme, these conditions require no action on your part. As the wood ages and shrinks, nails may come loose and require attention. Also, check the posts and any gates twice a year and tighten hardware or make needed adjustments.


Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought iron is subject to rusting if it is not maintained. Use touch-up paint on any scratches or chips. Inspect the fence twice a year and touch up as needed, then plan to repaint the entire fence every one to two years to keep it looking its best.

As with wood fencing, prevent sprinklers from spraying your wrought iron fence or rails. Check monthly to confirm that water does not stand around the fence posts. Make corrections to drainage as needed to prevent this.


Lucullan Limited Warranty Guidelines

If fencing is part of your home purchase, we will confirm the acceptable condition of the fence during your orientation. Lucullan will correct fence posts that become lose during the warranty period. Be aware that damage to fencing caused by severe weather should be referred to your homeowner insurance company and is specifically excluded from warranty coverage.