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Homeowner Use and Maintenance Guidelines

Wood decks add to the style and function of your home and are a high-maintenance part of your home's exterior.


Effects of Exposure

Wood decks are subject to shrinkage, cracking, splitting, cupping, and twisting. Nails or screws may work lose and will need routine maintenance. Plan to inspect your decks regularly, a minimum of once each year, and provide needed attention promptly to maintain an attractive appearance and forestall costly repairs. Lucullan recommends that you treat or restain your decks annually to keep them looking their best.


Foot Traffic

Using your decks, abrasives, and grit on shoes can scratch or dent the wood surface. Regular sweeping and mats can mitigate this but will not completely prevent it.


Outdoor Furniture

The surface of the decking can be damaged by moving grills, furniture, or other items. Use caution when moving such items to prevent scratches, gouges, and so on.


Sealing or Water Repellent

To prolong the life and beauty of your deck, treat it periodically with a water repellent or wood preservative. Local home centers or hardware stores offer several products to consider for this purpose. Always follow manufacturer directions carefully.


Snow and Ice

Heavy snow or ice that remains on the deck over long periods increases wear and tear. Prompt removal can reduce adverse effects. Use caution in shoveling to avoid needless scratching of the deck boards.



Exposed wood decks have been stained with a semi-transparent oil stain to protect and beautify the wood. Each board takes the same stain differently, and color variations will be readily noticeable. Over time, with exposure to weather and use, further color variations will occur.


Lucullan Limited Warranty Guidelines

Exposed wood decks are constructed to meet structural and functional design. During the orientation, we will confirm that the wood decks are in satisfactory condition.


Color Variation

Color variations are a natural result of how the wood accepts stains and are excluded from limited warranty coverage.


Replacement Boards or Rails

Shrinkage, cracking, splitting, cupping, and twisting are natural occurrences in wood decks and are excluded from limited warranty coverage. In extreme situations where personal safety is involved, if Lucullan provides replacement of boards or rails, the new material will not match existing pieces that have been exposed to elements and use. Lucullan does not provide corrections when problems occur due to a lack of normal maintenance.