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Maintenance and Warranty Guidelines about Countertops

Homeowner Use and Maintenance Guidelines

Use a cutting board to protect your counters when you cut or chop. Protect the counter from heat and from extremely hot pans. If you cannot put your hand on it, do not put it on the counter. Do not use countertops as ironing boards, and do not set lighted cigarettes on the edge of the counter.



The caulking between the countertop and the wall, along the joint at the backsplash (the section of counter that extends a few inches up the wall along the counter area), and around the sink may shrink, leaving a slight gap. Maintaining a good seal in these locations is important to keep moisture from reaching the wood under the laminates and prevent warping.



Avoid abrasive cleaners that will damage the luster of the surface.


Rubber drain mats can trap moisture beneath them, causing the laminated plastic to warp and blister. Dry the surface as needed.



Wax is not necessary, but it can be used to make counters gleam.


See also Ceramic Tile.


Lucullan Limited Warranty Guidelines

During your orientation, we confirm that all countertops are in acceptable condition. We repair noticeable surface damage such as chips, cracks, and scratches noted on the orientation list. Repair of surface damage noted after this is one of your home maintenance responsibilities.



Laminated countertops will have one or more discernible seams. Lucullan will repair gaps or differential at the seams that exceed 1/16 inch.


Manufactured Marble

Edges should be smooth and even. Where backsplash joints occur at corners, the top edges should be even within 1/16 inch.


Separation from Wall

Separation of countertops from walls, backsplash, and around sinks results from the normal shrinkage of materials. Lucullan will recaulk these areas one time during the materials and workmanship warranty. Subsequently, caulking will be your home maintenance responsibility.