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Maintenance and Warranty Guidelines about Appliances

Homeowner Use and Maintenance Guidelines

Here are some tips to help you keep your appliances in good condition or repair them as needed:

1. On refrigerator - Inspect your refrigerator's coils if they stop working on a hot day. Clean it as needed. The cleaner it is, the more efficient it will be. Don't forget to clean the inner part of your fridge and the fridge gasket as well. To fight the stinky smell, place charcoal briquettes inside.

2. On washer and dryer - Don't overload your appliance with clothes to avoid any possible damage to motors, belts, and other moving parts. In addition to these, buy your dryer and washer anti-vibration pads to keep it from transferring vibrations throughout your house.

3. On dishwasher - Clean it regularly. Use a vacuum to clean its screen. Check the manual for further instructions.

4. On air conditioners - see air conditioning.

Please see page 8.5 and your Appliance Service information sheet.[AA1] 


Lucullan Limited Warranty Guidelines

We confirm that all appliance surfaces are in acceptable condition during your orientation. We assign all appliance warranties to you, effective on the date of closing. The appliance manufacturers warrant their products directly to you according to the terms and conditions of these written warranties.