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Experience modern coastal farmhouse home living with Lucullan. Narrow-width home with universal design in mind, including a ramp, wide doors, and elevator.

Project Description

    Single Family Home

    2 Stories

    4 Bedrooms

    4.5 Bathrooms

    27.125 ft

    46 ft

    3701.5 sq ft

    2 Vehicles

    From the outside, it has an elegant front view that features modern coastal designs with accents such as exterior shutters, wood beams, and showcase lighting. Inside, the main unit boasts an open kitchen, with an additional highly functional spice kitchen for heavy-duty cooking. The home also highlights the installation of a safe and secured elevator that can easily transport you from the first floor to the second or basement without the concern for stairs.  All bedrooms have their own bathrooms, including the luxurious ensuite in the master’s bedroom. Plus, a sizeable laundry sits right beside all the bedrooms of the home. In the basement sits a theater room, and separately, there is a single bedroom single bathroom legal suite.

    upstairs laundry

    open patio

    covered patio

    coach home


    spice kitchen

    entertainment room