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The Garden Residences Renovation

jerrimae gutierrez

    Nov 26, 2022

    6 mins


 A downtown Vancouver renovation turned one of the Garden Residences units into an incredible condominium that’s modern, efficient, and appealing.


In September this year, we began our condominium renovation project at Telus Garden Residences, and it ended this last October.  The owner wanted to incorporate a modern luxury design for each section of her property. The unit initially had a living space with dark hardwood floorings, and its kitchen also contained old-fashioned cabinetry. Since it has outdated features that don’t match the owner’s goal in mind, our solution was to perform a major renovation that includes a flooring upgrade, room remodeling, and incorporating an open floor plan which has been highly consented to by our client. 

We started with flooring. Blonde wood was our top pick for this particular project because the owner wanted a modern-looking unit that is best represented by the material. Aside from being trendy, it helps produce a bright and airy atmosphere that our clients deserve.

We temporarily covered the flooring, then we repainted the whole unit with Sherwin Williams’ Emerald MT EW creamy paint.

Next up, install customized cabinetries and furnishings. For this unit's kitchen, our idea is to turn it into a professional chef’s dream, so we constructed space for gourmet kitchen appliances and customized cabinets with the help of Munroe woodworking.

We picked Cambria Skara Brae granite for the kitchen island and backsplash. The deep vein design added more elegance and character to the kitchen, which was one’s dark and mundane.

The customized cabinets work automatically, which is one of the things we loved about this renovation. This has become possible as we replaced the unit’s kitchen sink, faucet, and dishwasher and installed the ones from  Miele, a high-end domestic appliances and commercial equipment manufacturer that has been in the industry for about 120 years.

A Murphy bed was also incorporated into one of the rooms. This multifunctional furniture is a wonderful space saver. It kept the client from using another space for a home office because the murphy bed could be transformed into an office table whenever the client needed one.

Are you ready to see the final look of The Garden Residences Renovation? It’s live on our site, have a look and let us know how it helped you with your renovation goals.

This article was last updated on Jul 8, 2023