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How shrubs on outdoor spaces benefit custom homeowners

jerrimae gutierrez

    Jun 24, 2022

    9 min


The advantages of placing shrubs outdoors are so good making every homeowner think twice about renovating their outdoor spaces.


Photo: Jules Family Home/IG

In the past years, grass has consistently been chosen to liven up a custom home’s backyard. This trend may slightly shift to something else, as some trusted designers forecasted that shrubs would trend this year.

Shrubs, the tiny plants known for having several strong stems, are believed to be used a lot more this year because aside from providing a much livelier aesthetics for someone else custom home, decorating outside spaces with them has more benefits. For those who are considering shrubs for their front yard or backyard, this article will definitely be helpful. Read on to see the benefits of getting shrubs for your custom home. 

  • Shrubs require less water than grass, making them more manageable and easy to maintain.

Photo: High River Landscape (Port Coquitlam) / IG

  • Shrubs, like grass, trees, and other plants help prevent soil erosion. Their extensive root systems and protective layers help the soil stay in place and lessen its runoff.

Photo: Benjamin Landscaping (Port Coquitlam)/IG

  • Shrubs, depending on their placement, may create an illusion of wider, larger, longer, or better outdoor space. When they are slanted carefully, the entryway/outdoor space feels longer or broader. When placed in a way that fills out to touch each other or move potted plants, it creates mini-hedges that help outdoor spaces look better and more organized. When used to effectively hide the front yard's mismanaged areas, it can create a greater sense of space and movement.

Photo: Coastal Design Landscaping (Coquitlam) /IG

Photo: Coastal Design Landscaping (Coquitlam) /IG

  • Shrubs, since they have more variants, help custom homeowners decorate their outdoor spaces with the exact design they want. If they wish to have a bright and vibrant front yard, garden, or entryway, they can use shrubs with flowers or shrubs with distinct leaves. By incorporating shrubs, they have more capacity to make their outdoor spaces unique or distinctive as much as they want to.

Photo: Garden Works Canada (Coquitlam) /IG

The benefits of getting shrubs for your custom home are not limited to what we have mentioned. Getting shrubs can be good for your health too. They don't only help you breathe in the fresh air because some shrubs, when used carefully, can serve as medicines too.

There could be more to these benefits, and for sure, they'll be discovered by those homeowners who will actually get shrubs for their outdoor spaces this year. 

This article was last updated on Sep 24, 2023