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Concrete and Asphalt Removal - Watling Street, Burnaby, BC

jerrimae gutierrez

    Nov 1, 2022

    1 min


The removal of concrete and asphalt is vital in ensuring a good foundation for one’s home.


The photo above shows the process of concrete and asphalt removal at our new custom home construction project at Watling. These processes are necessary to excavate the property and inspect the soil before fully laying out a sturdy foundation for the home. We have partnered with MWL, a trusted Coquitlam-based service provider, to perform concrete and asphalt removal and all other processes in the site preparation and excavation stage. They removed the slabs from all applicable areas, including the driveways. They also removed the retaining walls and old chain link fence embedded in the concrete.

The work lasted for several days and yielded satisfactory results. The photo below shows the appearance of our construction site after the removal of concrete and asphalt.

The processes performed by MWL made the site ready for an unexpected need for soil inspection because something had been found after the removal of concrete and asphalt. Find out what we discover on the site on our next blog.

This article was last updated on Sep 24, 2023