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4 Types of Accent Walls for Your Single Family Home

jerrimae gutierrez

    Apr 12, 2022

    15 min


Build something you can literally look forward to during your spare time aside from your phone.


Photo by: Griffin & Wong - Vancouver/IG

Home has a particular area where dwellers often stay. That area is usually where one can feel relaxed, meditate, and feel good. 

What is that place for you?

It could be your bedroom, living room, dining room, or balcony. It could also be the mundane corner of your house that you could make fantastic by installing an accent wall where you can display your passion and personality. An accent wall can also help you create a peaceful atmosphere you’ll surely love. Here are some types of accent walls you can install for your single-family home in Tricity and Burnaby. 

3D Wall Panels and Wood Wall Panels

This three-dimensional wall material is often rectangular and can be decorative and functional simultaneously. Aside from being a decorative cover-up, 3D wall panels could offer soundproofing and insulation. Homes with classic interiors can suit well with accent walls made out of 3D wall panels. Draw inspiration from sample 3D Wall Panels below from Vancouver Wood Carving Inc.

Aside from 3D panels, wood wall panels can also make a beautiful accent wall. Shabby chic interiors, contemporary style, and retro designs are best paired with this type of accent wall. See accent walls from 3D Wood Panels - Burnaby and The Eco Floor Store - Surrey for more exciting ideas.

Wallpaper and Murals

Easy to apply and remove. With this type of accent wall, the wall can be easily transformed from one design to another--from rustic, wooden, cottagecore-inspired wallpaper to eco-friendly lush green or floral designs.

Get the floral wallpaper above from Benjamin Moore.

If you want to tone down from accent walls with bold prints to one that imbues subtleness and elegance, you may try some Chinoiseries-designed wallpapers on a living room and bedroom from Griffin & Wong - Vancouver.

Aside from wallpapers, murals can make wonderful accent walls too. Nature or famous world sceneries are often favored for murals, but trying abstract and optical illusion-based designs could work well. Check out the following designs by MUZE Wall Design & Painting - Vancouver.

Displaying a substantial piece can also turn a simple wall into a magnificent one. Studio G3 Glass from Port Coquitlam could be one of the most accessible providers of masterpieces for collectors who have a single-family home in Tricity and Burnaby.


Due to the plethora of styles and sizes available in the market, crafting accent walls out of tile is now more attainable. Turn that monotonous wall into an incredible focal point by simply adding a highly-recognizable backsplash along one wall that stretches to the ceiling.

Be extra creative. try hexagonal tiles.

Showcase wall

For those who are looking forward to showcasing their furniture collection, memorabilia, and other home decors, you may opt to build a showcase wall. Installing cabinet shelves is an excellent way to achieve this. Open shelving can work too–depending on your or your designers' resourcefulness and curiosity.

For some inspiration, see how California Closets Nashville's cabinet/murphy bed could turn into a classic statement wall.

This type of accent wall is also possible in most entertainment rooms where you can showcase your collections, awards, and passion. Notice Beth Allen's accent wall showcasing some of her collection using a showcase wall/murphy bed.

Accent walls are not just home furnishings. They are an integral part of one’s home that helps revitalize its owner or keep one’s appreciation of a passion or a subject alive. From the types of accent walls we have mentioned in this article, we hope that you were able to generate your accent wall version.

What type of accent wall were you inspired to create for your single-family home in Tricity and Burnaby?

Will it be inspired by the 3D wall panels and wood walls? wallpaper and murals? tiles?, or showcase wall?

This article was last updated on May 27, 2023