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4 Kitchen Furnishing Inspirations from Well-Known Luxury Brands

jerrimae gutierrez

    Dec 16, 2022

    6 min


Designing a luxury kitchen requires expertise, passion, and, most importantly, inspiration.


Photo: Circa Lighting/IG

Putting together furnishings to form a luxurious kitchen is hard work, but it's also fascinating and worth the effort. You need to carefully consider every detail, including the appliances and layout. The selections you make are a big piece of the design and play a key role in achieving a particular aesthetic in the space. Each furnishings selected should come from carefully picked brands known for their aesthetic appeal and drive for luxury. They should also look beautiful whether they stand alone or in groups. But most importantly, the chosen furnishings should help bring out the beauty of the newly renovated kitchen.

Here are just a few of the luxury kitchen furnishing inspirations we thought you must see and consider for the kind of luxury kitchen you want to achieve.

1. Elegant Lacanche stove and hood

Lacanche has been a household name for luxury kitchen stoves. Many high-end interior designers and general contractors opt to incorporate Lacanche stoves into their renovation projects because of their modern features and stylish look. Each Lacanche stove was designed to fit beautifully with stunning and expensive backsplash materials such as Calacatta, Carrara marbles, and granite backsplashes.

Photo: Lacanche Officiel/IG

2. Circa Lighting

Lighting is essential in setting the tone of the room. The capacity of one’s room to look luxurious may sometimes depend on it. Therefore, upon selecting the right lighting pieces, luxury homeowners should consider its aesthetic appeal and capabilities to bring out the most beautiful version of the newly renovated kitchen. Lighting brands with these benefits are definitely one of the best picks. Try to check some from Circa lighting. They offer a wide selection of products made out of high-end materials that work well with any interior style.

Photo: Circa Lighting/IG

3. Plant Pots by Sacha Lakic for Stayconcrete

Sacha Lakic is a well-renowned furniture designer, but his creativity is not limited to those must-haves living room pieces. He can create automotive designs and other products, such as designing beautiful plant pots. Those who want to incorporate Lakic’s pot creations into their luxury kitchens can use these designer plant pots at Stayconcrete.

Photo: Sacha Lakic Design/IG

4. Elegant Boca do Lobo Stool

This year, we have seen a number of luxury kitchens that are inspired by art deco styles. Kitchen furnishings with styles that resemble opulence, beauty, and sophistication are proudly showcased by luxury homeowners who love to host extravagant gatherings inside their mansions. The fun and fad of such activities can be perfectly intensified through the use of extremely elegant stools, such as the Nº 11 Bar Stools by Boca do Lobo.


Final Thoughts

Luxury kitchens are always expected to combine kitchen furnishings with the highest-quality materials, leading-edge technologies, and top-of-the-line appliances. Some of the best picks can be explored at LaCanche, Circa Lighting, Sacha Lakic Creations, and Boca do Lobo. Combining creations from these selections may require the expertise and experience of high-end luxury renovators and contractors to ensure functionality and continuity of the chosen furnishings with the cabinetry and overall kitchen flow.

This article was last updated on Jul 8, 2023