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10 Kitchen Trends to Consider on your 2023 Renovation Plans

jerrimae gutierrez

    Dec 10, 2022

    6 min


Time to take a look at some of the biggest kitchen trends before finalizing your renovation plans.


Photo: Melika Ghobadvand/IG

Buying or renting a property in Tri-Cities is exciting because it is well-known for having one of the best neighborhoods in BC. If you are someone who has just bought a hand-down home, renovating it will probably be on your list. As we all know, embarking on renovation is challenging and costly. So, where do you start? The answer may depend on your budget, priorities, and goals but in case you want to work on your kitchen first, here are 10 kitchen trends to consider in your renovation plans.

Open shelving

Open shelving has been one of the biggest kitchen trends in the past years. Collectors love this kind of cabinetry because they can easily display their special collections stylishly. Aside from curating the space beautifully, it allows one to easily access everyday kitchenware while giving the space a stylish feel. Those who love cooking will undoubtedly appreciate open shelving in the kitchen because they can easily see what they need without searching through a cluttered cupboard. Although it may not always be practical because of how dirty displays can get, open shelving will still be part of the 2023 trend because of its aesthetic appeal and function. 

Photo: the aCross designs/IG(left);Alma/IG (right)

Beyond Neutrals

White or neutral kitchens have always been a builder's and designer's favorite. They're calming, classy, and stunning. They can also complement any color accent, which makes them a standard for some builders and designers. However, over the past few years, designers have seen some trends– more colors are introduced as the main accent in one's kitchen. Some of those came from the shades of purple, blue and green. These bold and vivid colors are considered some of the hottest crazes because they produce an equally beautiful ambiance that homeowners love.

Photo: SemiЯamis Moschovaki Design/IG(left); Kestrel Kitchens(right)

Vintage Revival

Based on some designers, traditional-style kitchens are making a comeback because they create warm and lived-in home environments. One of those styles is the county-style home interior, where antique and vintage furniture can be freely introduced into the space. To achieve this style, combine period-style lighting over your kitchen island, add a large larder cupboard on open shelves, and plan where to place your antiques. See the photos below for inspiration.  

Photo: Kitchen Architecture/IG(left); Kim/IG(right)


In 2023, kitchens are expected to continuously maximize all possible lighting sources. Whether it comes from the sunlight that passes through the floor-to-ceiling windows, or the light that comes from various lighting sources inside one’s kitchen, all these sources should be appropriately incorporated to create a bright and airy kitchen feel.

Photo: Keferlis Homedesign/IG(left); Andrea Dean/IG(right)


We used to think of the kitchen as spaces designated for meal preparation alone; however, the restrictions caused by the previous pandemic years changed the way we view our kitchens. The place slowly became a household favorite where families frequently gather to host celebrations. These social gatherings paved the way for introducing more dual kitchen islands where guests and family members could gather around while preparing or eating their meals. The installation of double kitchen islands and kitchen furnishings that boost family gatherings is expected to become more prevalent in 2023. 

Photo: Alba Construction/IG

Eco-Friendly Designs

The ever-changing condition of our climate has given birth to worldwide movements that have become more popular over the past fifty years. Some of the biggest businesses participated in those movements, and their efforts resulted in more investments in the field of research and development that focus on green technology and production. With such actions, creating home furnishings out of organic materials has become possible. If a homeowner wants to fully employ an all-green design in their kitchen interior, they can access them easily as more eco-friendly products are made available in the market. As these situations took place, people realized that employing eco-friendly designs is not as difficult as before. Hence, making organic products and greens designs even more popular and attractive in the eyes of more homeowners in the years to come.

Photo: Clairrow/IG

Full of Character

In the future, kitchens are expected to become more personalized. Collection of art pieces, music, and various form of self-expression items are expected to have their own spot in one’s kitchen. Depending on the homeowners' personality, they could place eye-catching sculptures, paintings, plants, and whatever else they wanted.

Photo: Bilewianka/IG

Designer backsplash

Designer backsplash resembles the style of the interiors from the roaring 20s–geometric patterns, opulence, and sophistication. However, these designer backsplashes are expected to come in heat and moisture-resistant wallpapers. You may also opt for beautifully-designed marble or quartz. These stones never go out of style and look incredibly beautiful in the art-deco kitchen interiors.

Photo: Melika Ghobadvand/IG(left); Maestri Studio/IG(right)

With Metallics

Adding metallics to your kitchen spice up its design. When paired with a white, black, or brown interior, the kitchen automatically levels up its appearance. Any kitchen furnishing with a touch of brass, copper, or gold creates a beautiful effect that makes them look more fancy and stunning These caused metallics to trend, and designers expect them to be seen in more kitchen renovations next year.

Photo: Gregory Croxford Living/IG

Asymmetric Lighting

Asymmetrical lighting is the last kitchen trend we like you to consider in your 2023 kitchen renovation plan. While symmetrical lighting is still seen and will continuously exist in most homes, asymmetrical fixtures are believed to become more popular as lighting technology and production advances. This type of lighting attracts designers because it produces comfortable light for the eyes. Aside from this benefit, asymmetrical lighting will be preferred because they now come with more stunning designs that could fit any kitchen space.

Photo: Rima Traboulsi/IG(left); BauformatUSA/IG(right)

Final Thoughts

Kitchen renovation is expensive, so homeowners have to make every cent count. Incorporating the right kitchen trends that match their goals, priorities, and budget could greatly help. To maximize the benefit they could get from their home renovation plan, they should study each trend carefully, determine the cost and benefits of adding them to their renovation list and consult with trusted home renovators who can guide and help them throughout the process.

This article was last updated on Jul 8, 2023