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10 kitchen island designs that look classy and stylish

jerrimae gutierrez

    Nov 21, 2022

    6 min


How would you like your kitchen to be defined?


Photo: Mlodak Interior Design/IG

Kitchen islands can define one’s kitchen. An oversized kitchen island could indicate a family’s desire to gather everyone around a broad table while dishes are being prepared. A kitchen island installed with a cabinet, a sink, an oven, a refrigerator, and a large kitchen hood could indicate a busy kitchen. On the other hand, a normal-looking kitchen island could indicate that the most common place for that family’s gathering is held somewhere else, or it could just demonstrate the family’s simplicity. Whatever definition they give to one’s kitchen, there’s one thing we would like you to keep in mind about kitchen islands, and that is they need to be functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. To help you achieve this, here are 10 different kitchen islands that look classy and stylish.

1. J-shaped Countertop

The style of this Aster Cucine countertop gives this kitchen a futuristic feel. The combination of the island’s form, furnishings above the worktop, and stools design, plus the kitchen space accent and lighting, created the thrilling impression homeowners and guests will indeed look forward to.      

Photo: Aster Cucine/IG

2. Rectangular Kitchen Island

The sleek, deep-veined marble kitchen island, matched with elegant Hammerton lighting, is a statement to the already stunning living space above. It mirrors the backsplash of the neat and organized rear countertop of the open floor plan kitchen designed by Wells & Hewitt. 

Photo: Hale of a house/IG

3. Breakfast for Two

The placement of the two rattan stools on this classic white kitchen island will surely turn mundane moments into exciting mornings. The worktop provides you with enough space for preparing breakfast while being soothed every time you get to sip your favorite cup of coffee. 

Photo: Jen Morley Burner and Susie Maddox Interiors via Kitchen Post Daily/IG

4. Piano-shaped Countertop with Sink.

How far can you go for your passion? Well, the owner of the kitchen space above went far beyond expectation when they incorporated their favorite instrument into the shape of their piano-inspired kitchen island. Built by Classic Granite, this kitchen piece is not unique in form but even with the design of its worktop and sink that perfectly matched the navy blue cabinet and the overall cozy feel of the space. 

Photo: Copacabana White Granite via Classic Granite/IG

5. Portable Kitchen Island

The European farmhouse kitchen is brightened not only by its white accent walls and cabinets but also by its chevron-patterned flooring, french-cut white oak ceiling, and generously-sized central wooden island table. The beautiful centerpiece on the top of the portable kitchen island adds character, creating a soft impression to the sturdy-looking table. 

Photo: Hardwood Design Co/IG 

6. Storage Island by Ribeiro Stones

Style, form, and function have been the designer’s priority in creating the two-toned, elegant kitchen island above. Guests will definitely enjoy the comfortable seating with the stylish brass stools because of the generous space created between the pillars and the recessed storage space. 

Photo: Orlando Home Photography via D&R Kitchen and Bath/IG

7. Two-Tiered Kitchen Island

Everything in this Dieter Vander Velpen creation is adorable, but the bespoke, two-tiered countertop is my favorite. Being juxtaposed against the kitchen’s oak and bronze open cabinetry made it stand out even more, metaphorically telling its designer they did a great job placing it there. 

Photo: Patricia Goijens via Dieter Vander Velpen/IG

8. Circular Kitchen Island

The creamy, custom kitchen above was created by Avenue Studio Architects and designed by Lowi Interiors, evoking a calming mood that homeowners will look forward to having. It was even intensified by the beautiful curves displayed by the space’s countertop. Definitely, a must-have design if you’re looking to renovate your kitchen next year with cost mitigation in mind.

Photo: Tasker Joinery/IG

9. L-shaped Countertop

The L-shaped kitchen island above is cladded with a classic Calacatta Hera marble that levels up the kitchen's overall look. This type of countertop ideally fits a home with an abundant kitchen space as it takes much space but provides many ways for its people to bond with one another whenever an event is held at home. Aside from providing space for the family, it also functions well because it is completed with cabinets, a sink, and a worktop. It can also accommodate some more appliances. 

Photo: MetroQuartz/IG

10.  Elegant Countertop

The look of this kitchen is showstopping –the flooring, the lighting, the walls, and the overall feel it gives the spectator. From this view, the countertop has proven that it deserves to be the home’s focal point as it helped bring out the space’s incomparable elegance. Even from afar, the delicate details of its white-fluted cladding are noticeable. A Mldodak interior design creation that could captivate every heart that beats for warmth, subtlety, and glamour. 

Photo: Mlodak Interior Design/IG

Final Thoughts

Which of the kitchen islands do you want to represent your kitchen? Will it be the ones that give you working space generously? Or the ones that bring out a cozy and bright mood that lighten up your mornings? Perhaps, the answer relies on the ones that fit your and your family’s needs the most and your resources. Consider your budget, living space, and the contractor you want to be part of your kitchen renovation journey. Only by then will you be able to have a kitchen island that’s functional and custom-made for you and your family’s needs.

This article was last updated on Jul 8, 2023