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Why Lucullan?

What makes Lucullan a perfect choice for you?


BUILT GREEN® builder, the first one in Fort McMurray. Lucullan is also a corporate member of the Canadian Green Building Council, the administrative body of the LEED® program. Our homes are 3rd Party certified from these organizations which means they are checked by an independent party.

Quality Product

Our company is built on a high ethical standard. We do not do anything that isn’t to code, or against the law, or cut corners to save a buck or two. We have established long-standing relationships with our customers which have been founded on trust. You are expecting a quality product by quality people.

Latest Styles

Every year, all of our employees go through various training programs and seminars to bring you the latest styles, designs, and building code changes to be integrated into each new home. We keep our eyes on the cutting edge of home design to bring you the option of the most modern home possible.


We use technology extensively throughout the home building process. Right from conception, we design the home digitally so you can see a visual model of the home before it’s even built, to the end, where we perform blower door tests for air leaks and infrared inspections for heat loss, technology is where we exceed above all others.


We're not your average home builder...and we'll prove it!
Lucullan pronounced Loo-Kull-Un means Lavish; Luxurious

Our values are simple.

1) Do the right thing
2) Provide service to the public
3) Help first
4) Do what we say
5) Be professional.

Everyone of the organization is willing to contribute to our collective and individual success and growth.


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Eric Leung


Founder of Lucullan. After growing up in Fort McMurray and assisting with his late father’s construction business since he was a child, he took it upon himself to build homes that could give himself peace of mind. It’s a simple equation, create a working environment where his staff and contractors were allowed to do the right thing, build a home the right way, and treat everyone with respect. When everyone is happy, there are no unpleasant phone calls and he can sleep well at night.
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James McKearney

Construction Manager

The muscle behind our Fort McMurray operations. Being a graduate from PEI’s Holland College in Construction Technology back in 2004 and a BUILT GREEN trained Construction Manager with over 10 years of direct experience in construction, there is no home he can’t build or manage. He keeps everything on track and makes sure we deliver our projects on spec and on time, and goes above and beyond to make sure you get the best home.


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