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Tree Removal - Watling Street, Burnaby, BC

jerrimae gutierrez

    Nov 9, 2022

    1 min


Which trees from the construction site should be preserved and which ones are not?


Every construction company that aims to build a new home prefers a construction site that’s totally clear from any distractions that could prevent them from working fast and efficiently. One of those distractions is trees that grew or were planted on the site. However, from the perspective of home buyers and realtors, those trees are vital. Based on a National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) study, 89% of the homeowners who participated want builders to leave as many trees as possible on their property. In another study, they learned that 43% of the homeowners surveyed actually spent up to $3,000 more on the treed lots they built. Aside from improving a property’s market appeal, trees also help make one’s home function more efficiently. Trees help a lot in energy conservation. If they are situated ideally, they could aid in cooling the home during summer and provide some warming during winter. Overall, trees help a lot in improving the marketability and function of one’s home. 

Considering the benefits provided by trees and the value it offers to realtors and homeowners, we want to preserve as many trees as possible for our construction site in Watling but, at the same time, cater to the needs of our construction team to work faster and efficiently through clearing the site if given a chance. The good thing about our site in Watling is that only one cedar tree needs to be removed, and it was done with the help of VI Tree Services. 

The trees protected by the orange fences you see in the photo above are just trees on the sidewalk. Thankfully, they’re not part of our site, so we were not stressed about which trees should be preserved or which should not. 

This article was last updated on May 27, 2023