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The "Ideal" Coquitlam Home

jerrimae gutierrez

    Nov 1, 2021

    12 min


The best home is yet to come!


Coquitlam's current situation

According to the report of BC's Economic Development Association, Coquitlam experiences tremendous economic growth. With good governance, industrialization, and decreasing crime rates, the city has attracted more immigrants to live and invest. Currently, the city has 23 neighborhoods based on the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV), and these neighborhoods are expected to increase in the coming years. Each of the 23 neighborhoods has its distinct characteristic. Some neighborhoods are near the market, schools, and business districts, while some are more remote but are developed enough to home a family. 

These neighborhoods consist of communities from different ethnicities. The population's ethnic origin is mainly from Europe and Asia. Some of the most notable Asian communities are Koreans, Chinese, and Iranians. 

Based on the Census report by Statistics Canada, the average household income in the city is $74,383. This amount is quite a good indication of the quality of life in Coquitlam, considering that the cost of living is way much lower than Vancouver based on Numbeo. Aside from these, another good thing about Coquitlam is that the city's net financial assets have grown positively in the last five years. 

Coquitlam is definitely an excellent place to consider if you are looking forward to settling there. However, of course, before making your final decision, you also have to be aware of the possible issues that you may encounter when living in Coquitlam. One of those issues would be house invasions. Well, actually, this is not an isolated case because it could occur everywhere. However, in Coquitlam, expect that the house intruders are not only persons; they could also be bears and cougars. Your chance of encountering them is higher, especially if you want a house that's quite remote or near a forest. They may also invade your home if heatwaves occur. Aside from house invasion, other issues that you may encounter if you're considering Coquitlam would be problems with drought during rare extreme weather conditions and issues with delivery of goods and services to your home because most houses don't have visible unit numbers or addresses. 

The issues mentioned above are the most common issues you may encounter if you live in Coquitlam. Notice that those issues are pretty minimal compared to other problems that some locations face, but those issues could still negatively impact your home living. To protect yourself from encountering such problems, you need to live in a home that fits Coquitlam very well. A home that could bring you comfort, security, and convenience, an ideal Coquitlam home. 

How to achieve this home? 

First, know its qualities. 

Qualities of an ideal Coquitlam home and how to achieve it

Safe and hard to invade 

If you're planning to live in Coquitlam, especially in areas near the forest, then your house should be designed in a way that makes it hard for intruders--whether a person or animals like cougars and bears to come in. You have to make sure that your home can lessen or eliminate your chance of getting invaded. 

To achieve this, first, you need to research the designs that could protect your house from being invaded easily and seek an expert's advice.

Before your house construction or renovation, make sure to also participate in choosing the best and high-quality construction materials that are proven durable and long-lasting. Determining these materials will not only protect you from invaders, but they can also make your home stable and long-lasting, which will be the next quality that we are going to discuss. 

Stable and long-lasting 

Even if Coquitlam has a moderate climate, there are still times when it could experience extreme weather conditions that may impact your home's living if your house is made of substandard materials. So as early as now, invest in the house you're planning to put up and start by ensuring that you have the right contractor who can assure that your concerns are taken care of. 


Coquitlam is one of the cities that strictly monitors its greenhouse gas emission. Make sure to support them by building a house that emits less carbon dioxide or, if possible, none. There are many ways to do this; one of the best and latest would be putting up Net-zero homes. This type of house can produce the energy it needs and make sure that no energy is wasted, which is a great help in reducing greenhouse gases. If a Net-zero home is not possible for you yet, you can still support the government by using appliances or organic products that are planet friendly. You can explore and practice green living too. 

This quality not only fits an ideal Coquitlam home, but it also fits many other locations too!

Complies with the industry standard and laws by the government

The ideal Coquitlam home is complete with the documents that prove that it complies with the rules and regulations set by the industry regulator --fire code, building code, other related housing codes, and of course, taxes. 

Can be easily found by deliverymen and emergency responders

Make sure that the home you'll soon have has a visible address. While this seems normal in some locations, there are places in Coquitlam where it's not. This makes it hard for delivery guys and emergency responders to track their homes, which eventually slows down their service. Prevent this from happening by putting your house number on the most visible area of your house from the perspective of the delivery man and emergency responders. 

Airy and well-ventilated

This quality applies not only to homes in Coquitlam but to other homes as well. We all know that the comfort of our home also depends on good indoor air quality. So make sure that your future home will be well-ventilated. 

Has a balcony, patio, or Outdoor Living Spaces 

Coquitlam is a place that's rich in outdoor activities. If you live in a nearby area, make sure to tell your designer to place your balcony or patio in a location that overlooks beautiful scenery or a place where outdoor activities are held. Aside from these areas, you may also consider having a garden or an outdoor living space where you can stay alone or hold small parties and gatherings. 

Properly maintained for every season.

Once you have your house, educate yourself on maintaining it correctly based on the season you're in. An ideal home must be consistently maintained to remain as awesome as it is from the very start. 


Safe and hard to invade, durable and long-lasting, environment-friendly, complies with the industry standard and laws by the government, can be easily found by delivery men and emergency responders, Airy and well-ventilated, and lastly, has a balcony, patio, or outdoor living spaces are the qualities that we believe an ideal Coquitlam home must have in general. But of course, it is not limited to those. This list could grow even longer as each of us has our definition of ideals. Make sure to include the qualities of your ideal home on the list once you're ready to start your own ideal home in Coquitlam. By doing so, you can achieve the comfort, security, and convenience that you want!

This article was last updated on Sep 24, 2023